Who We Are

The idea for XVELO Watches came about in early 2020 by two brothers Tyler and Jordan Essig. The two founders were sitting around (like everyone else in 2020) and Jordan said let's start a watch company. Both brothers were constantly talking about things like watches for years and often times gave each other time pieces as gifts.

Both of them grew up playing sports and around other business owners. Being around that made them more competitive than most. This consistently meant they not only wanted to be good at what they do, but the best. Being around successful family and friends, seeing those that have been the best, made them want to be the best. And this is why they wanted to start a watch company.

They loved watches, but they knew they could add to the great market. They wanted their brand to not just be great, but to feel like it flew off a baseball bat at over 100 Miles Per Hour. Which is how the name XVLEO became the brand. Since it stands for exit velocity, it went great with them since it's not only a baseball term, but they wanted their brand to seem like it was shot out of a cannon. Once that name came about and the brothers got their idea, they took it and ran with it. Thus, XVELO Watches was born.